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About Us

Champion Gun Cleaning Products & Solutions is the result of working in partnership with top sportsmen and Zerust® UK to develop and make available industry leading innovative products to help you clean, maintain and prepare your guns for optimum performance - whether that be out in the field or sat in the gun cabinet - rest assured it will be left in its best condition!

Champion Gun Cleaning Products & Solutions is a family run business which was formed in 2015 after teaming up with Zerust® UK to make available gun cleaning products that are formulated and packaged so that they meet the needs of the modern day shooting sportsperson. The new range benefits from inputs of experienced and aspiring Champions assuring of a range of products that are proven in the field and designed to maintain your investment in the variable climates experienced on the clay grounds and in the field.

Zerust® UK is a member of the Zerust® federation which is comprised of more than 50 companies all around the world. They are a well established corrosion protection company who has led the market for over 40 years and on top of that, they have been supplying the US military and the Aviation field for over 15 years along with other big companies who have invested their trust into the development, production and marketing of VCI methods that Zerust® has to offer.

All Champion Gun Cleaning formulations are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless and non-allergenic. They are simple to use yet highly effective in rust prevention.

If you're passionate about your gun and have the desire to keep it in the best possible condition, then we highly recommend giving these products a try - we are positive you will not be disappointed. 

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