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Bore Cleaner 200ml

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This special Eco-Friendly and Bio-Degradable formula cleans and protects your valuable firearm whilst removing the heaviest of carbon and lead deposits quickly & easily.

Our Bore Cleaner was originally formulated over in the US to remove carbon deposits from aircraft engines to which on average, after extensive testing, we found that this formulation only requires one application to fully remove any powder residue, fouling or deposits left inside the bore.

Putting it to the test, we found that our unique 'potion' of Bore Cleaner was not only strong enough to remove the heaviest of carbon & lead deposits, but also strong enough to remove surface rust. See the 'before and after' photo of a spanner which was heavily pitted with costly rust. We applied our Bore Cleaner directly onto the areas, left it to work for 10 minutes and then simply wiped it off with one of our gun cleaning cloths. As you will see, it removed most of the surface rust! 

Another reason why our customers love this product is that it doesn't have the 'solvent smell'. As I'm sure you will agree, most solvents linger around the house for days and really aren't good for you or your families health! By using our Bore Cleaner you can trust that its safe to inhale (due to the intensive health testing it has gone through over in the US) and it isn't going to stink the house out after you have used it! 

We really can't rate this Bore Cleaner enough!

  • Protects from rust
  • Removes carbon and lead deposits easily
  • Cleans and conditions
  • Removes surface rust
  • Safe to inhale (REACH Compliant)
  • Has been used by the US Military for over 15 years.


(Also available in 100ml)