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Gun Cabinet Moisture Remover

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Are you worried about humidity in your gun cabinet, gun room or other enclosed storage area? Don't be...

Introducing our very own Gun Cabinet Desiccant.

The purpose of this little sachet getting added to your gun storage area is to remove any moisture or odours that are present within the surrounding atmosphere of your guns. They fully absorb water particles and hold onto them in order to prevent bacteria growth and corrosion forming.

When dealing with rust, this is what you are looking to achieve:

1. No (or minimum) moisture in the surrounding atmosphere.

2. A protection barrier against any harmful elements such as acid gases, water & oxygen.

So simplifying it down, once humidity is dealt with, i.e. one of our Desiccant Packs, you then need to apply some form of VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) into the enclosure. This will then provide any metalwork within the enclosure with a protective coating of VCI molecules which will act as a tough and reliable barrier from any harmful elements that may be present in the enclosed area. 

These sachets are non-toxic, strong and durable. They are simply hung up in the cabinet using the cotton loop thats provided and then simply left to do their job.

To use:

1. Remove from the clear bag.

2. Hang it up inside your enclosure using the loop provided.

3. Replace the Desiccant once it weighs 175grams. 


For just pennies per month, is it really worth the risk of costly rust? Purchase yours today.


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