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Gun Oil 200ml

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Our unique blend of Eco-Friendly and Bio-Degradable formula reduces friction, provides lubrication and protects your valuable firearms to keep them in peak performance condition at all times.

Champion Gun Oil is a long lasting spray that is non-toxic, odorless and environmentally safe. It has been specially formulated to keep actions working smoothly by reducing metal on metal wear. It does not leave a residue on wood nor does it harm stocks.

It has been packaged into a 'pump action' spray bottle so that there is minimal wastage whilst applying it but most importantly, so you don't end up with too much product on the gun!

When it's sprayed, it sticks to the desired area unlike many other oils which simply run off quickly after application. 

Once applied, the oil provides an invisible protective coating of VCI molecules which keeps the firearm protected from rust & corrosion for a period of time after. 

Our special blend of Oil has gone through extensive health testing confirming the formulation to be REACH Complaint, Eco Friendly, Bio Degradable & Non Carcinogenic. 

Make sure you are looking after your (and your families) health by using a product that's 'safe' to use!

  • Protects from rust 
  • Provides Lubrication 
  • Reduces Friction 
  • Keeps actions and ejectors protected
  • Spray application for minimizing waste and an easy application 
  • Non toxic, odorless and environmentally safe
  • An oil which sticks to metal rather than running off!


200ml (also available in 100ml)