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Meet The Champion Team

Cal Champion 


Director of Champion Gun Cleaning Products & Solutions Ltd and a qualified CSPA Coach, Cal holds a lifetime of experience with firearms of all types. Shooting from a young age and taking part in hundreds of shooting competitions, game shooting and clay shooting all over the country... there isn't a question you could ask him about firearms or shooting that Cal wouldn't know the answer to! He is also a keen fisher who loves to spend his time up in the lakes waiting for his catch of the day but his main hobby is stick making. Cal spends a lot of his spare time in his 'stick making shed' where he creates some of the most beautiful pieces of art. He is regularly stopped at country shows by visitors who are passing by him wanting to know where he had bought his sticks from! This is something that will be added to the webpage in the near future so that bespoke orders can be taken for anyone who is looking for a high quality, detailed shooting or fishing themed walking stick.


Rod Champion


Director of Champion Gun Cleaning Products & Solutions Ltd and he also, like his father Cal, has been involved in shooting from a very young age. Rod shot his first pheasant at the age of 14 whilst stood with his great uncle Derrick up on the North York Moors and since then he knew he had found his life long hobby. Rod regularly takes part in game shooting to which he has his own little family syndicate on the local land near where he lives and he also enjoys Clay shooting at the local clay grounds. He has a Plumbing & Heating Company which takes up most of his day and two young boys who keep him busy whilst he's not out shooting or working!


Lesley Champion


Wife of Cal, Mother to Rod and Nanna to Rod & Jane's two young boys. Lesley always has tea on the table after a busy day and is always to hand should anyone need any help in the office. She enjoys caravanning to which she spends a lot of time with Cal up in the Lake District and attending country fairs around the country. 


Jane Barker


Partner to Rod, mother to two young boys and runs the office for Champion Gun Cleaning Products & Solutions Ltd. Jane is kept busy with the day to day running of the business throughout the week. She also has a pig rearing farm where her and her family live which is located right on the coast. Jane enjoys attending shoot days (when possible) where she takes her Labrador 'Maisy' picking up. In any spare time Jane may have, she enjoys attending game & country shows, training her labradors and spending time with her family and friends.