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VCI Firearm Storage Bag

Shipped out within 12 hours
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These useful Gun Storage Bags are specifically designed to protect valuable firearms from harmful rust whilst in storage. As long as the gun is entered into the slip dry and cool, the fleece lined bag does the rest!

Over a period of approximately 5 years, the specially designed bag releases a VCI vapour which then settles onto any exposed metals within the gun slip. This then creates a micro layer of VCI molecules that prevent oxidation of the metal surface - which causes rust! 

Champion Zerust products are non-toxic and safe to use on any weapon. VCI Vapours do not leave a residue on metal nor do they harm wood. The protective molecules simply dissipate into the air once the firearm is taken out of the storage bag.

Bag Size available: 10" x 53"

 (Limited Stock Available - Grab yours before they sell out!)